Est. 1998

Our company manufactures and sells the world’s finest suspension components for all styles of pavement-driven motorcycles. We also provide the world’s finest service for all brands of O.E.M. and aftermarket suspension.

We are further pleased to have entered the world of bicycle suspension service!

Our Story

We strive to provide the optimum suspension upgrade available to each customer within his or her budget. We do everything from complete suspension packages to something as simple as a seal replacement. Our staff is committed to helping you get around the track faster, or down your favorite trail or backroad safer and more comfortably than you’ve ever experienced before.

Our products are Made in America, exclusively at our facility in Woodstock, Georgia, and have been verified by an independent audit process. You can be certain you are buying products Made in the U.S.A. by American workers.

If you have a moment, please visit my American small business initiative “A Kernel of Hope” on Youtube.

Tour Our Facility

Facility Tour Part 1

Facility Tour Part 2

Timelapse of our facility renovation in 2011

Our original factory tour part 1 – 2009

Our original factory tour part 2 – 2009

Meet the Staff

Max McAllister

Max McAllister


Max has been in the motorcycle industry since 1983. Since that time he has been involved in many forms of motorsport racing, winning National Championships in both AMA Arenacross and WERA Roadracing.  He also built and fielded his own dirt track stock car team for two seasons. Through these various racing efforts, Max acquired the skills that would eventually lead him to found Traxxion Dynamics.

In the past, Max has been a columnist for Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology, the “bible” for motorcycle roadracing enthusiasts. Demand for his products and skills have taken him to the highest levels of motorsport all over the world.

Since our company was founded in February of 1998, he has worked constantly to provide consumers with the highest level of performance available through the creation of new products and his passion to innovate. His vision is the driving force that changed the way racers go supersport racing by creating the world’s first complete bolt-in Supersport Legal fork cartridge kit, the “AK-20 Axxion Cartridge”, and he topped that feat with the world’s first Supersport Legal gas-charged cartridge, the “AK-Gas”.

Max started riding bicycles in 2012, and by 2013 was fully hooked into the cycling lifestyle… and started racing, of couse… and now has a formidable collection of bicycles for all types of duty!  It was only natural that mountain bike suspension components would end up being taken apart in our shop!  As a result, we began servicing bicycle components, since it is such a natural fit for what we love to do at Traxxion!

Keep an eye out, you won’t be able to anticipate what Max will be up to next at Traxxion Dynamics!

Mike Hardy

Mike Hardy

Web Site Manager

Mike was a motorcycle enthusiast even before his teenage years. His first bike was an early 80’s Honda XL125. His first real street bike was a Katana 600 (which explains a lot…). Currently, a ’97 Triumph Speed Triple and an Aprilia RSVR are part of Mike’s garage. In 2000, his love for motorcycles lead him to an SV650 and then to the racetrack where he has raced since ’01 in the WERA Southeast Region.

Mike’s training and employment background has been in Information Technology, where he was an inventory and asset manager for an international pharmaceutical support company. After being “downsized” in late ’02, Mike joined the Traxxion Dynamics staff.

Martin Musil

Martin Musil

Lead Technician

Martin has been a motorcycle enthusiast since a very young age, as he started riding motorcycles at the age of 9. Martin was an active club road racer, and in 2002 Martin participated in the WERA Sportsman, National Challenge as well as the WERA endurance events. In his first year he won several championships which included the D-Superbike National Championship. In 2003 he moved into the expert rankings and finished the year in second in both the Light Weight Twins National Challenge as well as the National Sportsman series.

Martin is a father now, and his son Logan keeps him pretty busy when not at work!

Martin Musil brings a wealth of knowledge to Traxxion Dynamics, which he has demonstrated as our Lead Technician for a decade. If you have any technical questions, he is the man to ask!

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Sales Manager

Dan is originally from Orlando, Florida and has been a complete motorcycle junkie and racing fan since his teens. His first streetbike was an FZR600, followed by a CBR600, and a GSXR750. He is currently riding a TL1000R and a CBR954 Streetfighter.

Dan previously worked in the automotive accessory industry before moving to the motorcycle industry in 2004. He joined our staff at the beginning of 2006.

At Traxxion he is your go to guy for information and pricing on all of our products!

Dan cruises the streets on a Specliazed Las Vegas Langster “fixie” (fixed gear bike), always taking “hip” to new levels, and is very famous for setting new styles and trends, which young urbanites flock to follow.

Stan Chadwick

Stan Chadwick

Lead CNC Machinist

Stan has been riding both motocross and street bikes for 40 years.  He currently resides in Cartersville, GA and enjoys riding in the North Georgia Mountains, home to some of the the best motorcycle roads in the country.

Stan comes from a family of machinists, and has an extensive background which began in Houston, TX in 1981.  Since that time he has amassed more than 30 years of experience in both manual and computer controlled machining.

Stan is an AVID whitetail deer hunter.  When deer season comes around his bikes collect some dust while he is out in the woods of North Georgia filling his freezer for the next year.  He won’t tell Max how he magically makes deer walk right up to him in the woods!

General Ruckus

General Ruckus

Collections Manager

No cool shop would be complete without a shop dog, and we have the coolest… “Ruckus” has enough personality to entertain even the stuffiest old Goldwinger, so we put him in charge of keeping customers entertained while their bikes are upgraded.

If no customers are available, he keeps us on our toes sneaking out the door quietly to go on various covert missions we do not know the nature or destination of.

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