Shock Dyno Testing

Our commitment to leading our industry led us to acquire a shock dynamometer from S.P.A. Technique in England. A shock dynamometer is a piece of equipment that allows us to diagnose and correct flaws in the damping capabilities of your forks or shock absorbers. It works by cycling your component up and down at a rate determined by the operator. When the “dyno run” is completed, the computer generates a graphical damping curve of the component’s available damping force in both compression and rebound. It is similar to an engine dyno in this respect. The tuner can then change the internal damping characteristics of the component and then re-test to see if he has achieved the desired result.

Without this piece of equipment, shock tuning is kind of like trying to tune the engine on a bike by riding it up and down your street. If the shop you deal with currently doesn’t have a shock dyno, then it is very likely that suspension upgrades are only a “side-line” for their business. Certainly, you are missing out on a higher level of performance. Only serious suspension tuners invest in equipment like this. Our shock dyno allows us to provide you with the highest level of performance from your equipment.