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It’s true that modern Sport Touring bikes are far more sophisticated now than they were even a few years ago. There isn’t a single owner out there who isn’t baffled as to why their suspension works so poorly. If you are tired of the bouncing, wallowing, bottoming, chattering, wobbling of your stock forks, then TRAXXION DYNAMICS has the CURE!

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“What’s wrong with my stock forks?” you ask…Your stock forks have production grade damping parts in them to control the movement of the wheel. Many still come with damper rod forks. This style of fork is used for cheap production parts. Trying to compare a damper rod fork to a proper cartridge fork is like trying to compare a carburetor to fuel injection. There simply is no comparison. The damper rod fork is the cheapest, poorest performing system of damping, and has been around the motorcycle business for so long nobody seems to be able to remember.

The best currently available style of fork is the “cartridge fork”. The cartridge fork came along about 20 years ago in sport bikes, and since has been highly refined. Unfortunately for sport touring bikes,, none of that refinement has made it into the cartridges on your bike!!!

The next problem is your stock fork springs. The stock springs are so weak and wimpy that they can’t even hold the bike up; never mind that they are completely unable to hold you up when you get on it, or take a passenger along. Just pick your bike up off the side stand sometime and watch it collapse before you even get on!

The result is a fork that bottoms over large bumps, wallows in high speed turns, dives dramatically when you pull the brake, cups and tears up your tires, and leaves you generally feeling uncomfortable and lacking confidence in the feel of your bike.

The kit you see in these photos is absolutely STATE OF THE ART. It was introduced in February of 2005. It is custom spec’d to suit your needs, and comes with springs matched to your weight and your intended use. And best of all it WORKS!

The AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit DRAMATICALLY transforms ill-handling sport touring bikes. Immediately you will feel a smooth, controlled ride. The bike will not dive under aggressive or panic braking. You will have a confident feel even in high speed sweeping turns. Your tire wear will improve dramatically. Your pegs and floorboards will stop dragging the ground in turns. You will have great control and stability at low speeds, such as moving through a parking lot. Even your passenger will notice the difference! Overall, you won’t recognize your own bike!

This kit is Made In The USA with pride in Woodstock, Georgia by skilled machinists and craftsmen. You cannot buy a better working set of forks anywhere, at any price. We guarantee it. Prices for the AK-20 Cartridge Kits range from $1249.95 to $1499.95 depending on application.

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