Sport and Adventure Touring Services

Racing and Sport Bike Services


Remove/Replace Forks on Bike (most bikes) $150.00
Remove/Replace Rear Shock on Bike $150.00
AK-20 Cartridge Kit Installation $300.00
AK-20 Cartridge Kit Installation is Big Piston Fork $350.00
Traxxion Damper Rod Install and Service $250.00
Fork Seal Replacement (plus parts – seals and bushings) $300.00
Steering Damper Rebuild $150.00
Ohlins Steering Damper Rebuild $175.00
Shock Dyno Testing $150.00
Shock Rebuild $250.00
Shock Rebuild, Revalve and Dyno Testing $300.00
Twin Shock Rebuild and Dyno Testing $400.00


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