Tour Our Facility

Tour Our Facility

This is a time lapse video of our factory renovation, which began in October 2011,
and was finished approximately 5 months later!

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[two_fourth class=”” last=”no” ]Our Original Factory Tour Part I – 2009[/two_fourth][two_fourth class=”” last=”yes” ]Our Original Factory Tour Part II – 2009[/two_fourth]


Service Department

Our Service Department is absolutely state-of-the-art, and is equipped to handle any and all suspension related upgrades or repairs. It is maintained at the highest possible standards of order and cleanliness. This shop allows us to provide you with suspension performance that no other company can come close to duplicating.

Administrative Offices

All corporate, accounting, and sales functions take place in this area.

Customer Lounge

This is an area where our customers can relax in comfort while we upgrade their suspension.  We keep coffee & water on hand, cable TV and a DVD player to help pass the time.

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General Service Bay

This area is used for general assembly and disassembly of customer’s motorcycles.

Production Shop

In this area we build assemblies and package our products. This area is adjacent to our Parts Department, which makes it very convenient to organize the completed, packaged products into inventory.

Parts Department

Organization and cleanliness are mandatory for the level of service we provide our customers. We are able to quickly pull parts and fill customer orders, usually the same day!


Materials Processing Area

Raw stock comes into this area, and is cut to size and prepped for consumption by the machine center.

Technician’s Machine Shop

We have a small machine shop adjacent to our Service Department that allows our techs to perform necessary repairs and modifications to our customer’s components on site, saving time and money for our customers.

Component Testing

This is another view inside of our Service Department. In this area, technicians take notes, prepare customer spec sheets, dyno test shocks on our SPA Shock Dynamometer, and rate test springs with our Intercomp Digital Spring Rate Tester.


Our Machine Center

This is a view of our Machine Center, which was dedicated in March of 2012). These machines turn raw stock into gorgeous high tech suspension parts.

High Productivity CNC Lathe

Dual-spindled, Live-Tooled Haas CNC Turning Centers give us full control over our product quality and delivery time. This state-of-the-art equipment is vital in helping us bring new and improved products to our customers, in the shortest possible time from concept to reality!

5-Axis CNC Milling Center

This is one of our Haas Vertical Milling Centers. By reducing the time from “idea to reality”, you can be assured that Traxxion will keep you on the leading edge of performance on the street and at the track.


Shipping and Receiving


Our company receives high marks on the care we take in packaging your components for return shipping. All of the care and skill it takes to build the forks doesn’t matter if they arrive back to you damaged! We pride ourselves on having this final step be as professional as the rest of our operation.