Manual Preload Adjuster Kit for Honda Goldwing


Gold Wing Manual Preload Adjuster Kit

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This new accessory kit for the 2018+ Honda Goldwing is designed to give a more effective range of rear shock preload adjustment for the rider.  It can also be used to replace a defective pump motor on 2001-20017 model Goldwings.

This product is designed for the customer who doesn’t mind  a few minutes of work to adjust their suspension for optimum comfort, and is comfortable working with common tools.

If you like to just push a button, this will not be for you!

The problem with the system on the 2018+ Goldwings is the software in the control system of the bike.  It only allows the rear preload adjuster to use 8mm of its 12mm available range.  Owners of 2001-2017 Goldwings are familair with the “0-25” range of adjustment system which is simple and effective.

The latest generation of Goldwings uses 4 icons which represent nothing…

1 up rider, 1 up with luggage, 2up rider, 2 up with luggage.

These icons are useless, as riders vary wildly in weight.  One 250 pound rider in America can weight more than 2 Japanese riders put together!  It makes no sense.

Further, the software is defective… The 1up icon represents approximately 8 on the old scale, the 1 up with luggage represents about 18 on the old scale, the 2up icon represents 24.5 on the old scale, and 2up with luggage represents 25.

The last 2 are effectively the same setting, and thus you only have 3 options, none of which may suit you.

This kit installs in about 30 minutes, and then allows you to precisely set your preload to your liking.

It will always be adjustable… but you will have to remove your side covers, and your seat bolts, and lift your seat to get to the adjuster.  It may take you 5 minutes or less to make a change.

Most riders set their preload and never touch it again.  Some like to change it every time their wife is on or off the bike.

This product will work best for people who want to set it and forget it, but will also be effective for people who take a couple of long trips with their wife each year, and can adjust for those occasions, while leaving the bike set softer for the rest of the year.

This product takes the place of the electronic pump on the shock preload adjuster, and includes a dummy plug to prevent the icon on the dash from flashing once the motor is removed.

This product can be used on 2001-2017 Goldwings that have experienced a pump motor failure, and is a cost effective replacement that is quick and easy to install.

Installation videos are available on the Max McAllister and Traxxion Dynamics YouTube Channel.

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