Traxx-Rite Billet Triple Clamps

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GL1800 Gold Wing Triple Clamps

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Our clamp set comes with All Balls tapered bearings pre-installed. There is absolutely no modification or additional parts, or relocation of anything, or any stretching of cables required.

They simply bolt up exactly as stock, using the factory service manual.

The OEM clamps are cast metal pieces that are flimsy, hollowed out on the bottom and tend to flex under any loads. Our clamps are solid 6061 billet Aluminum. Our clamps eliminate the flex and disconnected feeling from the front end.
Your bike will stay planted in the corners and ride true in a straight line. You will feel the difference at highway speeds or parking lot speeds.

We recommend following the factory Honda manual for disassembly and assembly of your new Traxx-Rite Billet Aluminum Triple Clamps. Also, only a high quality digital, self-calibrating torque wrench should be used. No clicker-type, no needle-type, and DEFINITELY no fish scales.

NOTE our adjusted torque spec for the different bearing type:

Tapered Steering Head Bearing: 21 lbf/ft (31 N·m)
Steering Stem Nut: 76 lbf/ft (103 N·m)
Upper Pinch bolt: 20 lbf/ft (26 N·m)
Lower Pinch bolt: 22 lbf/ft (29 N·m)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

2 reviews for Traxx-Rite Billet Triple Clamps

  1. Drudo

    I recently had this clamp installed along wiht new springs and all I can say is WOW! I have a 2010 1800 but I swear it si a different bike. Much tighter control at 5 mph in a parking lot as well as cruising on a highway taking curves. Purchasing this and the other parts, with installation the total was about $1100.00. I had it done by a local shop I am thrilled with the results!

    BTW, the local shop said this fit perfectly!

  2. Mike Hardy

    Hi Max
    Just wanted to report back on the clamp for my 2004 GL1800. As I said to Dan, when it arrived my first thought was to put it in a display cabinet because it’s such a beautiful piece of engineering I thought it was shame to hide it away on the bike. However, I did fit it and I’m glad that I did. Slow manoeuvrability is transformed and on our UK twisties and roundabouts it’s simply a different bike, feeling so much lighter and tighter in the turns. I did your before and after 40mph handlebar wiggle test and as per your video, you’re absolutely right Max. I can’t wait to do another trip across the Alps.
    As for the stock clamp, I’ve watched your videos and after removing mine, the videos definitely flatter the stock clamp but they do say that everything looks bigger on TV. It’s unbelievable that such a critical part of this behemoth motorcycle is so seriously under engineered. I was seriously shocked. If you didn’t know you’d never believe it was a clamp for a GL1800.
    I’d like to add one more thing if I may and come to your defence. I’ve been a Wing-Nut for over 40 years and have a 1981 GL1100 as well as my 1800. The Achilles heel with EVERY generation of Goldwing, right from start and my first was a ’76 GL1000, has been saggy suspension which has never been up to the weight of the bike. Over the years Honda introduced air-assisted suspension, then we had adjustable pre-load which are great features in a game of Top-Trumps. But the real achievement of these “ground-breaking“ innovations was that they drew journalists’ and owners’ attention away from the indisputable fact that the suspension on every Goldwing made to date has never been up to the job that the bike and its price-tag demands. Goldwings have always come with a price-tag and yet the suspension has never been more than adequate at best. For me, the irony is seeing so many Goldwings laden with after-market accessories costing a fortune, which add more weight on stock suspension. But I guess we all have different priorities.
    Anyway, keep up the great work and innovation that you all do at Traxxion Dynamics.
    Mike, UK

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