ANGL’R Kit for Wahoo Kickr Headwind Fan


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If you’ve purchased the Wahoo Kickr Headwind Fan, you’ve probably already figured out that there is no way to adjust the angle the fan blows at… which is a problem for most people!

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a massive space to spread all of your gear out in, the fan will not be pointed upward enough to hit you properly.  This is especially true if you use the Wahoo-sytled desk.  If you need to put the fan in between the frame of the desk, it will basically blow at your shins… if you have a Kickr Climb, it will blow at the Climb and keep it nice and cool while you sweat like crazy!

We have a kit that will allow you to adjust the range of the fan over a 4″ (100mm) range.  It can be installed in minutes with just a drill with a 5/16″ drill bit.

This kit can also be used to raise the entire fan if you deploy the rear drop-out legs on the fan.

This simple kit will help you get the most cooling possible from your Kickr Headwind fan!


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 2 in


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