Axxion Rocker Rib Kit


Axxion Rocker Rib Kit

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We offer the Axxion Rocker Kit in many levels from complete ready-to-ride models, as well as basic rib kits for those who want a “Do It Yourself” kit to save money and shipping costs.


DIY Kits start with our Axxion Rocker Rib Kit, available for $239.95.  You will need to decide what your top deck material will be, and source that locally.  The Rib Kit includes a Full-Size Template to guide you in precisely placing the holes on your deck.

Next we recommend a mounting kit.  We have model specific kits for many brands and models of Smart and Traditional Trainers.  If you buy our Rib Kit and a Mounting Kit, the template supplied will also precisely locate your trainer on the top deck. Mounting kits are $49.95-$79.95.

Finally, you will require weight to counterbalance your rocker.  10 pounds/5 kilos  is common.  While most anything you can secure to your plate will work, we also recommend our counterbalance weight kit, which has hidden hardware and is low profile, tunable, and sleek looking for $59.95.

If you plan to build a full length rocker plate, you will need an additional front rib which is $49.95.

Everything needed for a DIY build can be shipped in a US Postal Medium Flat Rate Box.  Shipping inside US is typically $18, and Internationally is $80-$100.


  • Wahoo Kickr – $9.95
  • Wahoo Kickr CORE – $9.95
  • Wahoo Kickr SNAP – $9.95
  • Tacx NEO – $9.95


  • Wahoo Kickr Mounting Kit – $49.95
  • Wahoo Kickr CORE Mounting Kit – $49.95
  • Wahoo Kikcr SNAP Mounting Kit – $49.95
  • CycleOps Mounting Kit – $49.95
  • Kinetic Mounting Kit – $49.95


DIY Rear-Only Complete $324.95-$354.95

DIY Full Length Complete $374.95-$405.95

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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